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Meet Dr. Barry Marchman, Vice Chairman
Fayette County Board of Education

Vice Chair of Fayette County Board of Education, Dr. Barry Marchman

Meet Dr. Marchman

Hello, my name is Barry Marchman, and would like to report to you that the state of our system is STRONG.  Our SAT and ACT scores are at a 5-year high, we are offering more AP classes than ever, we have teachers winning national awards, our drone team just brought home 2nd place in the NATION, we are winning national awards in CTAE, and our students are accomplishing great things at every school.   Click here for some of our 2015-2016 highlights.

Four years ago our school system was on the brink of financial disaster.  Our campaign's goals were to bring financial stability to the system, give the teachers a raise, and reduce the millage rate for tax payers.  As of August 2016, we have a achieved all three of these goals.  We have improved our bond rating and we have a healthy reserve account.  That means that our teachers can rest assured that their positions and their paychecks are secure.  Teachers are making over 10% more on average since I took office.  And tax payers are paying a lower millage rate. 

These next four years, we want to continue focusing on student achievement.  For some students that means more AP classes and rigor so that they can get into a top college.  For other students it may mean achieving a professional certification so that they can get a great job right out of high school.  For other students it may mean finishing two years of college before they graduate high school.  No matter how our students define success, they should be able to achieve their goals at Fayette County Schools.

We want to continue to manage the school system resources for maximum impact in the classroom.

We want to maintain our position of financial strength so that we can attract and retain good teachers.

We want to create more partnerships with world class organizations and maintain our partnerships with organizations like Piedmont Hospital and the Woodruff Arts Center for the benefit of our students and teachers.

The Fayette County School system is stronger academically, financially, and operationally since I started serving four years ago and we will work to make it stronger four years from today. 

I am offering to serve another term and I hope that I have your support.

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